Efforts to improve quality and productivity often get started as the result of some significant, emotional event (e.g., lost market share, declining profits, or more customer complaints). The edict is often issued by some high-level executive who thinks it's about time to "do something about it NOW." Unfortunately, the edict is accompanied with little direction on what to do and even less on how to go about doing it. What usually follows is a whirlwind of activity with little or no results.

James & Associates is a "results-oriented" firm dedicated to assisting all types of organizations in their efforts to improve performance. We use a systematic analysis approach and comprehensive set of improvement tools from the field of Human Performance Technology (HPT) to customize our support. Training and nontraining interventions are custom fit to address specific organizational needs, constraints and mangement direction. Randolph I. James and his associates have served clients throughout the United States and the world in both the public and private business sectors.