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Private Industry Projects Conducted for . .

AIRCO Industrial Gases

American Public Power Association

Asea Brown Boveri - Southeast Asia (India)

General Electric

Glaxo Pharmaceuticals

Indiana Bell Telephone

Motorola University

Sacramento Equipment Maintenance Company

Tropical Shipping Company

Union Pacific Railroad

Whirlpool Corporation

Public Service Projects Conducted for . .

Cooperative Personnel Services - Sacramento

Sacramento County Office of Education

Sacramento Municipal Utility District
State of California - Board of Equalization

State of California - Bureau of Automotive Repairs

State of California - Department of Consumer Affairs
State of California - Department of Food and Agriculture
State of California - Department of Health Services

State of California - Department of Motor Vehicles

State of California - Franchise Tax Board
State of California - State Teachers' Retirement System

State of California - State Training Center

United Way (Northern California Branch)

Westside Mosquito Abatement District

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