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James & Associates offers custom performance measurement services. Quite often organizations have measurement systems in place that are either incomplete (e.g., only tracking volumes) or are measuring the wrong aspects of performance. Correct measurement gives you the ability to monitor performance and identify opportunities for improvement. But that doesn't mean that you need to 'count the eyelashes on a gnat' in doing so. Data collection and analysis should not be a lengthy, time-consuming activity. Our measurement systems are designed for simplicity yet focus on dimensions of the valued output or service that are important to measure.

Before any measurement occurs you need to determine exactly what it is that you want to know or learn about process or organizational performance. James & Associates will conceptually design your ideal system. Then you can determine which measure(s) you want to take. The example below describes the specifications for the conceptual design of a measurement system for an Accounts Payable function.

Data collection tools should be simple and require little time to complete. We custom design surveys, forms, logs and check sheets to meet your data collection needs. We believe that measurement should take place on a continuous basis, not just until expectations are met or things appear OK. When looking at performance over a period of time, you need to package the data in a way that presents an accurate, concise picture of performance. Consider the examples below. Each contain the same data yet the graph presents a much clearer picture of (in this case) improving performance.

James & Associates can assist you in the design of line graphs, charts, tables and other tools to 'package' the data collected from your measurement system.

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