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Improvement Value Summary Table Example

(What do I work on first?)

Performance measurement systems can address many different aspects of quality and productivity. It's very common for a process to have multiple measures. When you compare the difference between expected performance and existing performance you discover opportunities of different magnitude.

A national private security company sends fingerprint cards of its job applicants to the FBI for a background check. Even though 30% of the checks took longer than was expected, the company maintained an adequate qualified applicant base so there weren't any serious consequences. Unfortunately, over 9% of the cards are rejected for one reason or another. This resulted in rework that was costly and unnecessary.

The improvement value summary table below puts in perspective just what should be addressed first. In this case, reducing the number of rejected fingerprint cards.

Data Packaging Example

(turning data into INFORMation)

A data collection effort helped pinpoint the different reasons for rejection. The results are summarized in the pareto chart below. This information helped us determine which types of reasons for rejection should be addressed first (i.e., taking care of the first four types would eliminate 94% of all rejections).

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