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James & Associates uses the information management tool Wordsmithing for its technical writing services. This modular formatting method forges data into information; resulting in increased comprehension and better readability of written materials (training manuals, procedures, handbooks, instructions, etc.)

Standardized formats organize data into "blueprints" of information. Each "blueprint" addresses a particular aspect of the subject matter and contains several "chunks" (or subunits) of information. Each "chunk" of information is titled, thus eliminating topic and connecting sentences (see the example below). It is also easy to update wordsmithed material as you just need to replace the affected "blueprint(s)" and not the entire chapter or section.

Examine two "before and after examples" by following the links below:

Example #1

Example #2

This style of writing is very similiar to the Information Mapping® and Margin Caption® documentation methodologies.

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